In today’s world of miniaturization, body worn cameras, along with just about everything else, have gotten almost so small that they can be virtually undetectable by the naked eye. A prime example of that is the new interchangeable button/screw camera set that is not only high resolution, but color as well. These little beauties run on a simple nine-volt battery pack and come with an on/off switch. Another great way to use body worn cameras is by using the wireless cell phone version. It comes in a flip style phone and contains a wireless CCD color camera. With only a 4.3mm pinhole lens, no one would suspect that your cell phone is actually a camera because it doesn’t have the telltale large lens opening that regular cell phone cameras have. Plus, this cell phone camera can transmit up to three hundred plus feet. Better still, who would suspect that little pocket pager you have in your hand, of being capable of documenting a video of whatever is going down or whoever is up to no good? And this discreet little color pager has an even smaller 3.6mm lens and comes complete with easy to use plug and play operation that you will love. Another way that miniaturization and covert has come into to play is through the body worn cameras that come concealed inside a pair of sunglasses. But these glasses are great to use in more areas than just the sun. They come with interchangeable tinted lenses that range from dark, to blue, to nearly clear. So that no matter if it’s day or night, inside or out, you can use them to catch all of the action using a tiny pinhole camera that works great along with a pocket DVR, and there is no distortion from the lenses either.

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