If you are one of those people who need to use listening devices for your telephone, there are many different ones to choose from. It does not matter what the reason is, whether you are doing it for covert operations in police work, making sure that your employees are not running up lots of long distance charges on your business phone, keeping track of who is using your business phone for lots of personal phone calls, or just keeping a record of important information that is received over the telephone. One of the greatest listening devices made for this purpose is the thirty-four hour, no battery drain, and telephone recorder. You heard it right – no battery drain. And it does not matter where you may need to use these particular listening devices, whether it is a pay phone, a hotel, digital, or universal cell, this unit comes with a recording interface that works in all of those applications.

Once this listening device is connected, it will automatically turn on the minute the receiver is lifted. And because it runs for a full twelve hours of actual telephone conversation on a single set of “AAA” batteries, it is perfect for situations where A/C power access is limited or nonexistent. But when there is a wall plug available, there is an optional AC adaptor that you can use with this unit as well. With the no battery drain, you do not have to worry about using up precious battery time while the unit is resting, waiting for the next conversation to record. The VOR recording completely eliminates gaps in the recording.

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