Preparing your house for a hurricane is very important, and it does not need to be a difficult task when done properly.

Most of the things that are important for protecting your home can be done in advance so you have everything you need when a storm comes your way. The most important thing to have for any home is window protection. Windows are the weakness of any structure, but they do provide the light that is necessary for everyday living. Plywood is the easiest way to cover any basic window. It is inexpensive and easy to store away. You can simply nail it to the outside of your house to cover any windows, however there are many other ways to ensure protection in fierce winds. You can install brackets for holding the plywood. The brackets screwed into the structure to insure ample strength and they offer a quicker way to secure your house in an emergency. Another great option to protect your home is with storm shades. They are a strong metal shade that rolls down over a window to protect it. They can easily be added to any existing home or be built into the exterior walls of a home under construction. They can be raised and lowered manually or be controlled by a electric motor. Either way, they are both just as effective against storm damage. They have become the standard window protection for any waterfront home because of the constant ocean winds. The storm shutters are not very cosmetically appealing, but when they are installed with new construction homes, the appearance is minimized. Many condo structures include them when they are constructed because they offer such great protection. Besides just storm protection, the shutters offer great heat and light protection.

Shutters can be automated to close during the day so that your home receives less sun exposure.

This will keep summer electric bills at a lower cost as well as offering criminal protection during the day.

When shades are closed at night they also offer the criminal protection and will block the morning sun in any room desired. Storm shutters are common in many countries for their versatile uses, and are becoming more popular in the United States every year. . caitlin phaneuf . бани из бруса отзывы владельцев . пена для ванн это .