Of all of the ways that people can use listening devices, whether it is for fun, helping to detect problems with plumbing, pest control, covert operations, or keeping tabs on baby, one of the most important reasons for the use of listening devices is to just be able to hear with. That is hearing what the person standing across the room is saying to you. Hearing the timer go off on your stove so that your dinner or that cake you made doesn’t burn. Hearing what is being said on the TV without having to turn the sound up so loud that the whole neighborhood knows what you are watching. More importantly, so that a would be intruder, listening to that blaring TV, doesn’t know that you are hard of hearing and might not hear them breaking into your home until it is too late. Let’s face it, hearing aids, the type that are typically sold to people with hearing problems are expensive, very, very expensive. And if you don’t have health insurance that pays for the cost of these pricy devices, you may be living in a world of partial silence unnecessarily. There are listening devices on the market today like the dynamic new slim line SuperEar. What are so great about these devices are not only their high degree of sensitivity and their mere three-ounce weight, but the price is unbelievably listed at under a hundred dollars. That’s right! And these listening devices are so compact they can be easily stowed into a pocket or purse when you are not using them.