The best way to secure your home is with a home security system, the only problem is they can run anywhere from a few hundred dollars, to thousands for all of the options that are now offered. The funny thing about home invasions is that they have not changed at all over the years. Criminals still use the same methods to break into your home now, as they always have. Statistics tell us that 63% of burglaries involve forcible entry, which means if you focus on protecting your home from forced entry, your odds of being burglarized drop dramatically. People that make a living burglarizing people, have three main enemies, time, light and noise. When you purchase a home security system, you create much larger enemies for burglars. If your system is monitored, the burglar knows that his time in your home has to be very fast, because the police are dispatched and on their way.

The noise that the alarm makes is enough to get them out of your house all by itself. Believe it or not most burglaries happen during the day, so the light factor does not mean what you think. Light really means exposure. If your criminal is exposed to your neighbors and or people walking by, chances are he will pick another target. What you need to do is address each one of a burgular’s enemies: 1 Purchase dead bolt locks for all entrances to your home. A good deadbolt will most certainly slow down a burglar, along with generating alot of noise from him trying to force the door open. 2 Replace the doors in the back of your house that have windows . This is probably the easiest way into your home. All a burglar has to do is break a small pane of glass and reach in and open the door. 3. Never leave a ladder in your back yard. Criminals know that second floor windows a rarely locked. 4 Trim the shrubs and bushes that guard first floor windows. If a burglar can be seen by the neighbors climbing in a window, chances are he will think twice. 5. Purchase motion sensor lights for any area outside the house that is in total darkness. 6 Always lock your doors, especially if you are home. Burglars always check to see if a door is locked before deciding on forced entry. The last thing you want is an unwelcome guest in your home just because you didn’t lock the door. (It happens more than you think).Secure Your Home

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