Denim never seems to go out of style. People wear denim jeans, denim skirts, denim dresses and denim jackets. It is as common a sight as just about anything you see today. That is why denim, specifically, denim jackets are one of the perfect ways to conceal body worn cameras. Hundreds of police departments and television stations couldn’t be wrong. That is just how popular the denim jacket with video camera is and a tiny, imperceptible hole is the only thing that separates this denim jacket from the one you buy off of the rack. Very clever indeed. Another way that body worn cameras can be disguised is through a purse that has a mini camera installed inside. Nobody would think twice about the purse that you lug around everywhere.

After all, nearly all women carry them, and because it is a purse, you can also conceal the mini DVR inside it as well.

This nifty little purse has a camera that produces such crystal clear, color images that the video comes across better than most camcorders, which makes it one of the best portable recording video systems on the market today.

But let’s say you are a guy and you are required to dress up every day for work. You have to wear the old suit or sports coat, dress shirt and a tie? No problem. There are also body worn cameras that come concealed inside of a tie. This high-grade neck tie is also very popular with police departments and television stations and also produces images that are consistently sharper and clearer than most camcorders on the market today.

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