Surveillance equipment usually reminds one of “007” but with the recent rise in crime rates it is more a necessity than just spy equipment.

The surveillance equipment allows you to keep a watch even when you are not physically present at the scene. These are used to monitor the behavior of people (like stealing, harassing etc.) or procedures that do not act desirably. These appliances are thus concealed and obvious. Since there is always a chance of improper activity in places like shopping malls, public schools, warehouses, parking garages, airport terminals and offices, these places are the ones mostly investing on surveillance equipments. A wide variety of such equipments are available in the market with highly developed technology. Surveillance equipment mostly combines audio and video data transfer and may range from Internet based equipment and wiretapping phone to biometrics (advanced facial aspect identification computer software). The recent development of ‘wireless’ technology has its own set of problems. The wireless devices transmit information either by radio waves or infrared light, which can be intercepted. Therefore, such devices are not reliable regarding the transfer of important information. Surveillance equipment is used to record conversation or acts, but these are possible also on a normal recording machine.

Some options are: • Clandestine miniature devices linked to a small microphone, externally mounted to pick up the audio. • Digital gadgets like minidisk recorders or the most recent diminutive camcorders are small enough to be carried easily, but produce very high quality recordings. • The common ones encountered at offices for monitoring staff are usually perched from a ceiling. • The most advanced ultra-directional microphones, or parabolic microphones can be used to overhear conversations from a hundred meters away or more. • Extreme clarity is possible only via a laser microphone, which are again, expensive and highly technical to operate. • Since mobile phones nowadays can record both audio and video, therefore they can be used as surveillance equipments as well. Surveillance equipments normally emit radio waves, however the more sophisticated ones are not dependant on Radio Waves and are extremely hard to detect. The only way to detect them is by using sensitive gear to seek out magnetic fields, or the common electrical ‘noise’. Another way would be to use sensitive infrared cameras for identifying waste heat of a Surveillance equipment. Gone are the days of the private eye, now you can get information yourself via these fascinating surveillance equipments. Finally, the best benefit these devices afford is that they are successful in doing away with the incentive to commit crime. Since a person’s inclination to commit crime is decreased once he/she is aware that someone is there to keep an eye on him/her.

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