As technology becomes more and more sophisticated, virtually every type of electronic device becomes even more miniaturized. This is especially true of the spy technology that is available on the market today. As the various types of spy equipment that is used to listen, record and photograph have gotten phenomenally smaller, so have the devices that are used to detect them.

There are now hand held versions of several different types of bug detectors. One such unit can perform a multifunctional sweep of the environment and works just like the larger units do; only now they have more functions as well as offering the convenience of portability. Other hand held devices can detect even the smallest hard wired video camera. If you’re worried about someone listening to or recording your conversation by wearing a hidden, miniaturized listening device upon their person, you’ve got the perfect countermeasure. There are compact sized RF detectors that are so small, you can conceal them upon your person, allowing you to perform a complete sweep for wireless listening devices without anyone knowing you’re even doing it. You can completely eliminate the worry of saying something you don’t want recorded or heard by others when you know whether or not your conversation is truly private. Other types of portable, hand held devices could be used to locate wireless cameras as well as microphones. If you don’t want a video and audio record of something you are about to divulge, you can rest assured that you are in the clear with one of these handy, portable devices.

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