Unlike an overzealous reporter, who shoves his microphone into your face in his efforts to get your take on the latest, breaking news story, there is a multitude of reasons why you might just want to keep your listening devices a secret. One of the many ways in which you can do that is by using listening devices that look like a pen. These clever little devices are actually very sensitive pen microphones, and when worn in a pocket on your shirt or jacket, are easily mistaken for the real thing. One such listening device is permanently stowed inside the clicker part of a Bic pen and it will work with virtually any recorder that contains an external microphone input with power.

Plus it is ultra high sensitive. But you don’t have to just use these great pen mikes just for covert purposes. Granted, if you are standing near someone and need to secretly listen to their conversation, these pen mikes are great. But there are lots of other reasons to use these sensational listening devices as well. Let us say that you are attending a lecture and you want to record it so that you can carefully go over it later at home when it is time to study. By wearing this hands free device you can do so easily. Or what if you are planning to attend a live music concert and you want to make a recording, you can be sure that by using these particular listening devices, you will get an excellent recording with clear, crisp sound, and deep bass.

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