Sales of home and business surveillance/security systems have exploded in recent years. Even before September 11th, sales of surveillance systems had been on the rise. But following the terrorist attacks, sales of home and business security systems rose as much as 20% over the course of three months. The reasons for this increased interest in property and personal security are varied. However, whether you own a home or business, topping the list are the three most common reasons for installing surveillance cameras; protecting your property, family members and employees. The rise in the sales of security cameras has been more than justified by the results stated by police departments of major cities across the country, which report that the chances of a break-in or robbery are nearly cut in half by the presence of an obvious security camera on the premises.

Business owners have reported that theft by both customers and employees is nearly eliminated when they install the right security camera system. And who hasn’t seen the TV footage taken by home security cameras that have led to the conviction of child abusers, ‘peeping toms’ and home burglars?How Security Cameras Safeguard BusinessesThe most obvious commercial use for surveillance systems is the prevention of loss of merchandise through shoplifting.

Other applications are: • Logging transactions at the cash register or ATM • Monitoring remote areas of the premises for safety precautions • Observing how employees are servicing/treating customers • Providing evidence in sexual harassment suits/burglary trials/homicide trials • Monitoring premises after hours • Watching work progress at construction sites But video taped surveillance doesn’t just provide negative evidence; it can also be used to exonerate.

In one case, security video tapes of a parking lot were used to prove that the car of an accused “hit and run” driver could not have been used in the accident that took place several blocks away.Home securityAccording to police in major cities, the presence of a home security camera can reduce the probability that a home will be burglarized by as much as 80%! Home applications include: • Video baby monitors can watch over an infant • Video door phones can identify callers at the door • Nanny cams, with time lapse VCR’s or DVR’s, can provide the peace of mind that your child is being taken care of adequately • Home surveillance systems can provide a view into what may be occuring in your home when you’re away at work or vacation. • Combined with a remote alarm system, a video surveillance system can not only alert police to a break in at your home, but also provide evidence to assist in the capturing and conviction of the intruder. A consultation with a professional security installation company can help you choose the best surveillance system to meet your needs.

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