One of the uniquely inconspicuous ways to use covert hidden cameras is by utilizing the book camera. It is a wireless system that contains a high quality CCD camera and it fits in virtually anywhere you want to put it. Stick it up on the shelf with all of your other books or put it in a stack of books on your desk or credenza.

No one will be the wiser.

Let us say that you like to have music playing in the background where you work. It doesn’t matter if you like to listen to the radio or a CD player; there are boom boxes that contain covert hidden cameras that play both. With a line of site of up to seven hundred feet, this entertaining boom box can secretly keep an eye on what is happening and with four different channels available, you can run up to four units simultaneously. Whether you use it in the home or in the office, you will be sure keep your surveillance a secret. Another clever way that covert hidden cameras are being used is in a special coffee mug. This item is ideal for interrogation rooms of law enforcement agencies, as well. The mug contains a tiny camera and video transmitter that automatically switches from color to black and white in low light situations. You can use up to four units at once and they are good for a range of up to one thousand feet depending upon the terrain and RF interference.

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