Do you need the services of covert hidden cameras? Air purifiers, boom boxes, books, clock radios and coffee mugs are just a few devices that can contain covert hidden cameras.

Computer speakers, counter signs, day planners, even desk lamps can all contain covert hidden cameras and no one would be aware they are on film. With a computer speaker, the covert hidden camera is hidden inside the working speaker and virtually undetectable. Does your office, home or store have an acoustic drop ceiling? There is a speaker video camera that is perfect for use in them. They contain a pinhole camera that looks straight down, and that give you a seventy degree field of vision, and is great for use in low light. Another way to hide your covert hidden camera is by purchasing one that looks like a DVD player. Once again it contains a pinhole camera and has a range of up to three hundred feet. Who would ever guess that the DVD player in your home or office is actually recording the people and movements that are happening in that room? Maybe you want a covert hidden camera to use strictly as a security measure for your home. There is a flood light camera available that not only is great day or night but is as easy to install as changing a light bulb.

Don’t let your security needs tick away like the seconds on a clock.

You can get a covert hidden camera disguised as a beautiful mantel clock or a clock radio. You have heard of clock watchers, well, now the clock can actually watch you.

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