In today’s modern society where high tech reigns supreme, it is more important than ever to protect our homes and businesses from people who would photograph, video record, and listen in to our private business and personal lives for the purpose of stealing information. Fortunately, there are numerous types of bug detectors that enable us to stop this type of information theft. For example, an acoustic noise generator is a type of bug detector that creates an audio blanket that can be used to defeat bugs placed in walls, ceilings, windows, even plumbing and air conditioning ducts. There are also audio jammers you can purchase that can desensitize hidden microphones by creating a random masking sound. These jammers protect room conversations thereby preventing sensitive information from being leaked out to unwanted sources and idea stealing competitors. Other types of bug detectors, like an analog and digital RF detector and frequency counter, are the perfect instruments to use for radio frequency detection. Then there are also cell phone detectors that alert the user instantly whenever a cell phone has been turned on from as far away as ninety feet.

With one of these ingenious devices, you no longer have to worry if someone is carrying a hidden cell phone on their person for covert reasons. Should they turn it on for the purpose of having someone else listen in or record a conversation you’re having, this little device will let you know immediately so that you can make them turn it off, or send them on their way.

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